Seating Configurations

The 2nd and 3rd row functionality in the Atlas is among the most innovative and spacious in its class, featuring 60/40 split variability on the 2nd row and 50/50 split variability on the 3rd row.

With so much room to explore, work with your partner to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Configure the 2nd and 3rd row seats to every possible position. How many unique seating combinations did you come up with?

  • The Atlas 2nd row offers almost 8" of fore/aft adjustability. With your partner, experience the variable positions and discuss the overall comfort and footwell accommodations. For instance, how much knee room do you have with the 2nd row set all the way back?

Climate Controls

  • Explore the various climate settings available to the second and third row including auto mode, seat heaters, and the various air flow settings.


  • Note the 2nd and 3rd row vent placement.

  • Discuss with your partner, from a customer's point of view, why this would matter? How do you think it affects overall rear passenger comfort in the vehicle?



Journalists have consistently praised the thin (but incredibly strong) A-pillars on the Atlas, mentioning how they greatly aid in forward visibility for drivers and passengers alike. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this thoughtful feature.

  • Assess the overall visibility from both the 2nd and 3rd row seats.

  • How does the thin A-pillar design impact your impression of forward visibility?

  • With your partner: Discuss how this feature benefits those riding in 2nd and 3rd row the Atlas (perhaps on a nice long road trip). HINT: Motion sickness?

Sound System

Power (Bonus Activity)

Power outlets have quickly gone from an afterthought to a key buying consideration for active families. Fortunately, Atlas comes through big time, delivering multiple charging solutions for all those mobile devices.

  • Count the number of power outlets throughout the Atlas (include 12v and USB ports).

  • Discuss with your partner: Formulate several real-life scenarios in which your customers will benefit from this thoughtful power outlet layout.