Panoramic Sunroof

The available Panoramic tilting/Sliding Sunroof consists of two separate glass panels. The front glass element tilts and opens, while the rear glass is stationary. This feature provides additional light and helps create a more spacious interior feeling, while an electronically-controlled sunshade helps to control light and heat from the sun.

Get familiar with the tilting/sliding function of the Panoramic Sunroof. To operate:

  • Press the tilt function to raise the rear of the front glass.

  • Slide switch toward you to cause the front glass to move to the completely open position.

  • Fully close the sunroof.

  • Note the integrated wind deflector that rises from the front edge to minimize wind noise when the roof panel is opened. How might you position this as a benefit to a customer?

  • Try to move the glass various distances between fully opened and fully closed by pressing and releasing the forward and backward arrows on the sunroof switch.

Storage Units

Climate Control

The Volkswagen Atlas features a 3-Zone Automatic A/C Climate Control, which helps to "keep the peace" between Mom, Dad, and the kids!

Put the 3-zone Automatic Climate Control system to the test:

  • Adjust the temperature for the DRIVER to 64 degrees.

  • Adjust the temperature for the FRONT PASSENGER to 72 degrees.

  • By pressing the menu button in central dial, adjust the REAR CABIN temperature to 68 degrees.

  • Hover your hands over the vents and feel the temperature differential.

  • Go for a MAX differential between DRIVER and FRONT PASSENGER. What is the total temperature difference you can achieve? How is that a potential, "marriage saver," feature?

  • Think about how this flexibility would be important to a customer and their family. Be prepared to share during debrief.

Vehicle Settings

  • Press the "Car" soft key on the MIB screen repeatedly until vehicle status is displayed

  • On the lower left-hand corner of the screen, tap the "Selection" menu option.

  • Note the various information available

  • On the lower right-hand corner of the screen, tap the "Setup" menu option.

  • Note the various options here available for personalization. Hold off on Personalization at this point (you will examine with your partner in just a moment).

  • Note how user-friendly, fast and easy the touch screen is to use. Think about how customers will appreciate the ease of use