Personalized User Profiles

There are two ways to access the Driver Profile personalization wizard and setup a user profile: resetting the currently selected profile or selecting another profile:

Since selecting a new profile is more straightforward, let’s work on resetting the Driver 1 Profile, which will automatically start the Driver Profile personal configuration wizard. To reset the driver profile, follow these steps:

  • Tap the soft key labeled “Car” on the right side of the MIB screen repeatedly until vehicle status is displayed

  • Make sure DRIVER 1 is chosen for this exercise

  • Located in the lower right corner of the screen, tap “SETUP”

  • Choose Personalization from the options available

  • Select the right arrow (“>”) beside the “Driver 1” profile

  • Select “Reset Account”

  • The system asks if you are sure you want to reset the account.

  • Tap “Reset”

  • This will launch the Personal Configuration Wizard

  • Tap Start to begin the setup

  • Tap “DRIVER 1” and rename to your FIRST NAME; tap NEXT

  • Choose a date and time format and set both the date, time and time zone; tap NEXT

  • Use the Wizard to look for the strongest local stations and set them as presets.

    (NOTE: if system does not find local station in under 30 secs, cancel the process and tap NEXT to move on)

  • Pair your phone to the car’s Bluetooth; tap NEXT when finished

  • Save your CURRENT POSITION as the home address; tap NEXT

  • At this point you have completed the configuration wizard. You may press END at the bottom right hand corner of the display to exit.

    After completing tasks using the configuration wizard, activate the following:

  • Driver heated seat

  • Passenger ventilated seat

  • Heated steering wheel

The following list shows all settings which can be saved as part of Personalized User Profiles:

Personalizing vehicle settings

Dependent on trim and available equipment, these settings can also be personalized:

  • Opening and closing (single door opening, convenience opening, etc.).
  • Vehicle lighting (daytime running lights, convenience turn signals, etc.).
  • Climate control system (temperature settings, ventilation, etc.).
  • Driver assistance systems (PDC, ACC, etc.).
  • 4MOTION Active Control (active driving mode, custom settings).
  • MFD and instrument cluster (selection of displays).
  • Seat settings (seat position).

Personalizing Infotainment system settings

The following features can also be personalized:

  • Radio (station presets)
  • Voice operation
  • Brightness Settings (part of System Settings)
  • Navigation
  • Media
  • Audio management

MIB Exploration

The VW Atlas is offered with 2nd Generation MIB head units standard. 6.5” screens are installed with App-Connect on entry models, and an 8” screen with state-of-the-art, WVGA-resolution touchscreen displays is available on higher trims.

Work together to complete the following MIB Mission Objectives:

  • Tune to a satellite radio station and save it to the presets.

  • Initiate factory navigation and navigate to a Point of Interest (find the closest restaurant). Stop navigation once initiation is confirmed.

  • If already installed on your phone, connect your phone to Android Auto/Apple Car Play and repeat above process to find the closest restaurant. If not, use your Bluetooth connection from the Driver Profile setup process instead.

  • Which navigation system programming do you prefer? Pre-installed or Smartphone connected? Why do you think customers might prefer one or the other?